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How To Lose A Pound A Day And Keep It Off For Good

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One of the primary reasons why so many dietitians, nutritionists, and medical practitioners alike, all refuse to endorse any weight loss plan for how to lose a pound a day is due to the fact that so many of these types of crash diets are rigged for failure right from the get go. In other words, if a diet is simply unsustainable due it being impractical or impossible to muster up sufficient enough willpower to follow, then the dieter is going to inevitably end up falling off of the wagon and cheating on the diet.

In order for any diet plan for how to lose a pound a day to be truly effective, it needs to be sustainable. In other words, it should be practical and easy to follow, so that the dieter is less apt to deviate from the diet, and even if such deviation were to occur, it would be possible to mitigate any damage done and get immediately back on track.

Furthermore, not only must a diet plan for how to lose a pound a day be sustainable over the course of the long run, but it also must be able to help you keep the lost weight off for good. Far too many millions of dieters have struggled hard to lose weight, only to find themselves gaining most, if not all, of the weight back. In many cases, there are those who even end up gaining more weight back then what they had originally lost.

Why does this happen? This happens for the simple reason that the diet was rigged for failure in the first place. Sure, it got you to lose all of the weight. But the minute you lost all of the weight and you stopped dieting, what was the first thing you did? You immediately jettisoned all healthy eating habits and started going to back to your old bad habits of eating the wrong foods and not keeping your portion sizes in check. And so thence you enter into the vicious cycle known as yo-yo dieting.

So having said all of this, just what exactly is the secret of how to lose a pound a day and to be able to keep it off for good? The answer is to simply follow a diet that instills within you healthy eating habits along the way. And these are habits that literally become habit forming. They become permanently ingrained in your routine as second-nature. It really is that simple.

The thing to keep in mind is that weight loss is a lifelong struggle. You cannot simply just diet, lose the weight, and then just go back to the way things were before. If you were to do that, then you will experience a weight gaining rebound. These bad habits are what caused you to gain weight in the first place, after all, right?

The good news is that there is a way how to lose a pound a day and keep it off for good. Ready to learn the secret?



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