How To Lose A Pound A Day And Try New Sex Positions

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One of the primary motivating factors why overweight individuals may want to seriously consider learning how to lose a pound a day is so as to be able to empower them to be have the freedom and flexibility to be able to try out new and different sex positions with their partners than might have otherwise been possible.

There is no denying the fact that your choice of sexual positions is always somewhat limited to a degree by the physical fitness and overall physique of one or both partners who are engaged in participating in sexual activity with one another. After all, if you happen to have a lot of excess fat on your belly, this might make it difficult for you and your partner to be able to bend into certain positions, such as the doggie-style position, which if the woman is overweight, might be difficult for her to bend into. And face-to-face intercourse positions that call for the intimacy of chest-to-breast contact can become virtually impossible, with the impediment of a big belly in between, for example.

Or, if one partner is disproportionately heavier than the other, then this might preclude the couple from being able to engage in missionary position sex, if the male is overweight or obese, or from being able to engage in cowgirl position sex, if the woman is overweight or obese.

Furthermore, if you are overweight, you might actually find deep penetration to be challenging, as pubic bone-to-pubic bone contact may be strenuous to be able to achieve, since excessive belly fat around the abdominal nether regions can serve as an obstacle.

As a result, if you are an overweight or an obese person who happens to be sexually active, then you may find that you and your partner engaging in the same one or two sex positions over and over again, since your options are quite limited insofar as your ability to experiment with newer and different sex positions is concerned. This can lead to sexual boredom, which can lead to a strain in your relationship. One or more partners may go on feeling sexually unfulfilled, if they are not able to spice up their sex life through experimentation.

For those for whom this is a serious problem, this may even cause them to stray. Therefore, if you want to spice up your sex life, then it is absolutely imperative that you learn how to lose a pound a day. Not a pound a week. But a pound a day.

Time is short. Life is short. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life dieting and exercising to lose weight. This could equate to lost opportunities for the optimum sexual fulfillment that you deserve. Therefore, it is actually in your best interests to learn the secret of how to lose a pound a day, so you can get to your goal weight as quickly as possible, and therefore be able to reap the benefits of being able to try new sex positions.

Ready to learn the secrets of how to lose a pound a day and be able to try new sex positions?


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