How To Lose A Pound A Day And Attract The Opposite Sex

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Would you like to unravel the mysteries of how to lose a pound a day so that you can attract the opposite sex? If you have had lackluster success in the dating game, or if you are already in a relationship that is on the rocks, then believe it or not, one of the contributing factors to the situation you are in is that you are overweight. Unfortunately, there is no denying this fact, whether it is entirely the truth or is only one aspect of the big picture. There needs to be some physical attraction in order to keep a relationship alive. Otherwise, things could go south and eventually fall apart.So therefore, it goes without saying, that if you happen to be overweight, then you had better take action now, before it is too late, to get a plan together for how to lose a pound a day, and start acting upon it. Why would you want to lose one pound per day? Why not one pound per week, as many nutritionists assert is better for you?The reason is simple: Time is of the essence. Life is short. You only get to live once. So it  behooves you to use what precious time you have, enjoying your love life, rather than having to needlessly put it on hold for weeks, months, or possibly even years, as you take your sweet old time to lose weight at a slow and steady pace.

While there is the old saying that slow and steady wins the race, and that it is better to be the tortoise than the hare, guess what? Guess who is living life in the fast line with the opposite sex? You guessed it! The hare!

By learning the secret of how to lose a pound a day, you will be able to achieve ideal body weight much more quickly. You will be able to jump into the dating game more quickly. And if you are already in a relationship or are married, then you will be able to salvage your relationship that much more quickly. If you have over 50 pounds to lose, and you plan on only losing a pound a week, that means that you will still be overweight for the next one year of your life. During that one year, you only have a limited time to work on your existing relationship, or to find Mr. or Ms. Right, lest time just pass you by.

So do you know how to lose a pound a day? Fortunately, there is a very easy, safe, healthy, and effective way how to lose a pound a day. You can eat as much as you want at every meal without regard for counting calories, limiting your intake of certain nutrients such as carbs, fats, sugars, or sodium.

It is through this diet that you will be able induce a metabolic state that is conducive to the rapid consumption of your body fat. Hence, there is a way how to lose a pound a day without having to exercise or without having to starve yourself, or deprive yourself of vital nutrients either.

Learn the secret of how to lose a pound a day and attract the opposite sex.

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