How To Lose A Pound A Day – Can Calorie Cycling Diet Help You Lose Weight?

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Among all of the different diet plans that are out there that tout holding the ultimate secret of how to lose a pound a day, losing weight quickly and effortlessly, there is one that holds water in the test of easiness to follow, sustainability, effectiveness, and healthiness: It is what is known as the calorie cycling diet.

The calorie cycling diet is gaining momentum as an extremely popular diet solution for people who are intent upon learning how to lose a pound a day. And the reason why it is so popular is because it works extremely well.

The gist of how calorie cycling works, in a nutshell, is that it manipulates your body’s metabolism by constantly cycling between high calorie days versus low calorie days. Your body’s metabolism is intrinsically tied to how many calories you consume on any given day. The more calories you consume, the faster your metabolism burns. The fewer calories you consume, the slower your body’s metabolism becomes.

If your metabolism slows down, so does your rate of weight loss. If your metabolism speeds up, so does your rate of weight loss. When you maintain a steady rate of caloric consumption on a daily basis, your body’s metabolism begins to reach a new state of equilibrium and regards that number as your new norm. So, if you normally eat 2,000 calories per day, and then you decide to go on a 800 calorie diet for the next 2 weeks, your body’s metabolism will eventually slow down to the point where 800 calories becomes your new normal. And your weight loss slows down. This is what is commonly known as the weight loss plateau. Even if you starve yourself to death, eventually you will stop losing weight, because your body’s metabolism adjusts itself to your new caloric intake level.

If you have ever known someone who is able to eat huge meals every day, yet he or she does not put on any weight, or if you have ever known someone who puts on weight quickly, even by overeating just a little bit, this is their body’s metabolism at work.

Therefore, it can be conclusively proven that weight loss and weight gain is not purely a function of calories in versus calories out. Weight loss and weight gain is also a function of your body’s metabolism.

But if you are constantly cycling between high and low calorie days, your body’s metabolism is unable to zero in on a new caloric norm. As a result, your body goes into hyper drive and starts to burn away body fat rapidly. When done properly, the calorie cycling diet becomes an extremely effective way how to lose a pound a day.

The good thing about calorie cycling as a means of how to lose a pound a day is that you can achieve this weight loss without starving yourself or without depriving yourself of any vital nutrient. It is by far one of the easiest or most effective ways how to lose a pound a day.

Learn more about how to lose a pound a day through calorie cycling.

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