How To Lose A Pound A Day Through Calorie Cycling

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Every day it seems that a new fad diet emerges on the scene, touting the next sure-fire way how to lose a pound a day. But there is one diet methodology that is deeply rooted in science, and is anything but a fad: It is what is known as calorie cycling. This is a diet program that actually works. It produces results. And it is easy to follow, requiring very little in the way of sacrifice, inconvenience, and hardship.

If you want to know the most highly effective way how to lose a pound a day, it is by following a calorie cycling diet.

Calorie cycling, as the name implies, is a diet regimen in which you cycle through a two extremes of eating very little on one day and then eating a whole lot on another day. Now, the emphasis of calorie cycling is not on counting calories. In fact, you don’t have to count calories as a means of how to lose a pound a day. Instead, you structure your diet in such a way that you cycle the types of calories that consume, from one meal to the next, from one day to the next.

For example, during one meal, you might only eat fruits. That would be a very light calorie meal. During another meal, you might consume more meats and breads. That would be a much heavier meal. So over the course of your diet, you will end up having a healthy blend of protein, carbohydrate, and fiber intake. The only difference is that you aren’t eating these whenever you want. You have to separate out the different calorie types into different sets of meals.

One of the intended consequences of eating in this manner is that automatically curbs your appetite. You will become fuller much more quickly. Your hunger will be satiated on much less food. So, you will always feel satisfied when you are employing the principles of calorie cycling as a means of how to lose a pound a day.

And because you are able to consume a healthy balance of food from all four food groups, and you are able to eat food in ample quantity without the fear of starvation, calorie cycling is, without a doubt, an extremely safe and healthy way how to lose a pound a day.

And this makes it all the much more sustainable as a viable diet regimen for you to be following in the long term. You are able to shed body fat extremely rapidly without conceding too much in the way of sacrifice. The only thing that takes getting used to on this diet is the way you group and sequence your meal combinations together throughout each day. But once you get accustomed to that and are adapt that to your particular lifestyle, then it quickly becomes a no-brainer.

Calorie cycling effectively eliminates the problem of the weight loss plateau that is bound to occur on any diet when you are trying to figure out how to lose a pound a day. If you were to be following a typical low-calorie diet plan, then your body’s metabolism will typically slow down in order to adapt to the lesser calories that you are consuming. But the way calorie cycling works is that it cycles various nutrients in and out of your diet, so as to simulate a nutritional deficit that would trigger a fat-burning response from your body’s metabolism.

Learn more about how calorie cycling is an effective way how to lose a pound a day.

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