How To Lose A Pound A Day – Can Calorie Shifting Help You?

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In order to be able to truly realize the benefits of how to lose a pound a day, you need to consider that in order to achieve a single pound of fat loss, you would need to burn 3500 more calories per day than what you consume, through a combination of dieting and exercise.

The problem with this approach is that to be able to achieve fat loss at such a rapid pace is no trivial task, when you are talking about employing the traditional methods of weight loss, namely eating less and exercising more. Most people would end up giving up on their goal of losing a pound a day because they would find it to be downright difficult, if not virtually impossible, to make the lifestyle adjustments necessary in order to achieve these types of results.

And as for those people who are able to adhere to their diet and exercise regimen, they would find that no matter how hard they try, their weight loss efforts would slow down and come to a grinding halt, due to reaching what is known as a weight loss plateau.

And do you want to know why this weight loss plateau occurs? It occurs because your body’s metabolism begins to adjust to the drastic reduction in your daily caloric intake, by slowing down. Therefore, you end up losing weight a lot less quickly, if at all, even though you are eating far fewer calories than you are normally accustomed to.

(This would also explain why so many people who fall off the wagon after reaching a weight loss plateau begin to gain all of the weight back rapidly… This is because once your body’s metabolism has adjusted to the lower daily caloric intake as the new “normal”, it perceives your “normal” eating as overeating, and therefore you end up gaining weight back rapidly, even though you are eating a normal daily intake of calories.

So just how can you overcome this weight loss plateau, or prevent it from occurring in the first place, as you embark on your journey of how to lose a pound a day?

The key is to be able to make certain changes to your dietary routine in such a way that these new eating patterns would actually be conducive to inducing your body’s metabolism to accelerate.

There are many ways to control your body’s metabolism:

-       You can engage in cardiovascular exercise, causing your body to burn calories more quickly.

-       You can engage in strength training activity to build more muscle, which in turn will burn more calories than does fat.

-       You can engage in the dietary practice known as calorie shifting, which causes your body’s metabolism to accelerate.

Calorie shifting is extremely effective as a means of how to lose a pound a day, because it does not require you to count any calories. On the contrary, you are allowed to eat as much food as you desire at each meal until you are completely satisfied. Not only that, but you are allowed to eat foods from all four food groups while on this diet as well.

Learn more about how to lose a pound a day through calorie shifting.


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