How To Lose a Pound A Day – Is Losing A Pound A Day Worth Trying?

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Would you like to learn the secret of how to lose a pound a day?

Do you have anywhere from twenty, fifty, to a hundred pounds of body fat, or even more, that you need to lose? If so, and you happen to be reading this, then you are no doubt in search of a diet plan to follow that can achieve the following:

-       It is not that difficult to follow.

-       Doesn’t require too much in the way of sacrifice.

-       Is versatile and flexible.

-       Can help you shed excess body fat quickly.

You no doubt want to look great and feel great. You no doubt want to be physically fit, healthy, and energetic. You no doubt want to live a long, healthy, and happy life. You no doubt want to be physically attractive to members of the opposite sex.

This being the case, you probably realize that life is too short to be losing weight slowly. At a rate of a mere one or two pounds per week, you probably realize that you will be whittling away your precious time on this earth, depriving yourself of being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor at trying to achieve weight loss.

So you might be interested in learning how to lose a pound a day instead.


Calorie shifting is one such diet plan that can help you achieve the results that you seek. Calorie shifting is one of the most popular ways how to lose a pound a day. The stunning benefits that you can achieve from following this type of weight loss diet plan can be absolutely incredible. And the effort involved in calorie shifting without a doubt outweighs the alternative: allowing yourself to remain obese and resigning yourself to a life of lethargy, low-self-esteem and lackluster interpersonal relationships, and putting on even more weight.

While the vast majority of dieticians advocate restricting your daily caloric intake as a means of losing weight, they are generally opposed to any type of limited-calorie diet that would be conducive to how to lose a pound a day.

The way a calorie shifting diet works is that you achieve a caloric deficit that is sufficient to induce fat burning, not by counting calories and restricting them, but by  shifting the types of calories that you eat from meal to meal, on a rotational basis, day in and day out. On some days, you may quite naturally end up eating more calories than on other days, and on some days, you may automatically end up eating fewer calories. But not because you are counting the calories, but because of the nature of the way that the calorie shifting diet is structured.

And if you follow the principles of the calorie shifting diet plan to the tee, you will find it to be surprisingly very easy and straightforward how to lose a pound a day.

The good news is that you can eat food as much food as you desire from each of the four major food groups, until you are completely satisfied, at every meal. So there is no question of starving or of feeling deprived.

Learn the secret of how to lose a pound a day.

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