How To Lose A Pound A Day By Manipulating Your Metabolism

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One of the single most effective ways how to lose a pound a day involves employing various techniques to achieve a biological phenomenon known as metabolic manipulation. Your body’s metabolism is the mechanism that is responsible for regulating the rate at which your body converts digested food into energy, stores it as fat, or burns fat for use as energy. Your body’s ability to lose weight (or gain weight) is directly tied to how well optimized your body’s metabolism happens to be.

If you have ever wondered why some people are able to eat a lot of food yet they never gain a point, and why some people gain weight just by overeating even just a tiny bit, the answer is due to how well that person’s metabolism is tuned to process food efficiently.

Therefore, if you want to know the secret of how to lose a pound a day, the answer is really simple: Manipulate your body’s metabolism in such a way that it is able to burn one pound of excess body fat from your system over the course of one 24 hour period on a consistent, daily basis.

Now, many traditional nutritionists and dietitians will assert that weight loss is nothing more than a numbers game. They will tell you that the way how to lose a pound a day is to burn 3500 more calories over the course of a 24 hour period than what you consume. However, what you may have noticed that weight loss is seldom linear in this fashion. You never lose weight exactly at the rate that you expect to. And, furthermore, you might also wonder why it may be the case that even if you starve yourself silly, and you spend all day at the gym, you might end up reaching a weight loss plateau.

Weight loss plateaus can occur even if you are creating a 3500 calorie deficit, if your metabolism slows down. In fact, when you starve yourself, you might think that you are going to lose weight faster. But in reality, what happens is that your body’s metabolism begins to slow down, as a survival response, in order to compensate for your starvation. So the net result is that your weight loss actually decreases and you hit a plateau when you starve yourself.

You can lose a pound a day without having to exercise. You can lose a pound a day without having to starve yourself. You can lose a pound a day by eating as much food as you want, without the need for counting calories. You can eat food from all four food groups.

So then what is the right way how to lose a pound a day through metabolic manipulation? The answer is to engage in a dietary practice known as calorie shifting.  Calorie shifting allows you to eat plentiful food from all four of the major food groups in abundant quantity, for as many as 4 meals per day. The only caveat is that you must shift the types of calories that you eat from meal to meal.

Learn the secret of how to lose a pound a day through calorie shifting.

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