How To Lose A Pound A Day And Improve The Quality Of Your Sexual Encounters

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How would you rate your sex life? Is it stale, boring, and monotonous? Has it become a chore? Are you unable to satisfy your partner? Is your sex life lacking the zest that it once had? Are you avoiding having sex because you unconsciously know that it is going to be disappointing for either you or your sex partner?

Well, one sure fire cure for how to improve the quality of your sex life is for you to lose weight. But it is not enough to embark upon some long term diet in which you lose a mere one to two pounds per week. At this rate, it could take a lifetime for you to lose weight and get in shape. And this slow, yet steady, rate of weight loss also represents a lifetime of lost opportunities to enjoy and experience sexual intimacy to the fullest extent, the way sex should be enjoyed.

Therefore, the solution would be for you to embark upon a diet program that can help you hurry up and lose weight as quickly as possible. In fact, if you could learn the secret of how to lose a pound a day, and put the principles of this secret into practice, then within 30 days from today, you could be having the best sex of your life. And when you have a good and satisfying sex life, you will be a happier, more content, and energetic person.

If you want to know how to get rid of all of that excess fat off of your belly, your hips, or your thighs, then the solution is NOT to starve yourself silly. The solution is NOT to spend countless hours sweating up a storm at the gym.

There is a much easier, and far more effective, way how to lose a pound a day and to be able to improve the quality of your sex life. And this diet solution does not require you to starve yourself. On the contrary, this diet solution encourages you to eat as much food as you want until you are completely satisfied at each meal.

And this diet solution does not require you to restrict your intake of certain nutrients. In fact, you are required to partake of foods from each one of the major food groups.  In other words, you must have a balanced, nutritious diet on a regular basis.

Furthermore, this diet does not require you to exercise. Of course, exercising to develop cardiovascular fitness or to strengthen and tone your muscles, is always encouraged. But, it is not required in order for you to realize the true potential of how to lose a pound a day.

If you want to improve the quality of your sex life, and become a stallion / vixen in the sheets, then all you need to do is engage in a dietary practice known as calorie shifting. Calorie shifting refers to the practice of taking what would have otherwise normally have been balanced, square meals, and shifting the types of calories that you consume, from meal to meal, over the course of several days – a 14 day cycle of dieting, as a matter of fact.

By shifting your calories in this manner, what ends up happening is that you send signals to the system of your body that regulates your body’s metabolism, and causes it to speed up. When your body’s metabolism accelerates, it burns fat more quickly, by turning it into energy for use by the body.

Learn more about how to lose a pound a day and improve the quality of your sex life.

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