How To Lose A Pound A Day While Cheating On Your Diet

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Cheating on your spouse or significant other is bad. Cheating on a school exam is bad. But cheating on your diet can be a good thing, especially when the diet plan that you are following requires you to take a hiatus from your diet at regularly predefined intervals.

Indeed, studies have shown that the reason why the vast majority of dieters fail to maintain their diets is because somewhere along the line, they lose their sense of motivation to stay focused on the diet. They encounter some stressful situations in their lives, causing them to feel compelled to eat food as a means of seeking “comfort”. Or they run into a situation where the temptation to eat is overwhelming and you are unable to resist, your sense of self-control, willpower and discipline being completely jettisoned at this point.

And once you fall off the bandwagon, that’s eat. You find it difficult, if not downright impossible to get back on track again. And, unfortunately for many people, it is not uncommon for people in these types of situations to experience a weight gaining rebound, in which the dieter ends up gaining most, if not all, or in some cases, even more weight back that had been previously lost. This in turn can cause an even further downward spiral in terms of your emotional commitment to this diet. You become cognitively dissonant from the need to diet and you just become nonchalant about it.

But if you could follow a diet, knowing that you are allowed to take breaks from your diet every once in a while, wouldn’t you be all the more motivated to adhere to it? For example, some people might follow a strict diet on weekdays, and then allow themselves to go all out and eat festively on the weekends, or perhaps just one day a week, if not at least one meal a week. This is the right way
how to lose a pound a day

If you are looking for a way how to lose a pound a day, then studies have shown that this can be easily achieved if you couple your daily dieting efforts with a mandatory self-imposed hiatus from the diet once every fortnight. (Once every other week for three days.) In fact, if you were to start your diet on a Monday, then you could take every other Friday through Sunday off from the diet, and you would still be able to lose weight at an average rate of one pound per day on the days that you are dieting.

Of course, taking the day off from the diet does not mean that you can just be reckless about the way that you eat. Sure, you can eat whatever you want, however much you want, wherever you want during those three days. But you still need to adhere to some guiding principles, so that you do not inadvertently wind up gaining any weight back through overeating, or that you end up malnourishing yourself by making poor and unhealthy food choices during those 3 days.

Learn the secrets of how to lose a pound a day.

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