How To Lose A Pound A Day Without The Need For Tracking Calories

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There are so many fad diets out there that claim that you do not need to count calories in order to lose weight. However, no matter which way you slice it and dice it, it is a scientifically proven fact that weight loss is a matter of simple math. Even if you want to know how to lose a pound a day without counting calories, you need to at least be aware of one simple truth:

3500 calories worth of deficit is equal to one pound of weight loss.

So when a doctor tells you that it is only safe for you to lose one pound a week, he or she means to say that your 3500 calorie deficit should be achieved gradually over the course of a week, rather than over the course of 24 hours.

Is it even possible to burn 3500 calories in 24 hours? Yes it is! But here is where most people lose faith in their ability to make this happen. They believe that the only way to achieve this 3500 calorie deficit is by doing one or both of two things: eating less and exercising more. While these are both valid approaches how to lose a pound a day, most people are unaware of the fact that, or at least it didn’t occur to them the fact that, that there is a third way to burn a significant number of calories per day:

Increasing your body’s metabolism by shifting the types of calories you consume, from one meal to the next. This method is also known as “calorie shifting”.

You do not have to, and in fact you SHOULD not, eat less. You can, and SHOULD eat food from all four food groups, taking care not to go off on some “low carb” fad or something like that.

Calorie shifting, as alluded to above, refers to the act of rearranging the foods that you eat, not changing the foods that you eat. Studies have shown that by rearranging the types of nutrients your body ingests, in accordance with a unique pattern, you can actually trigger your body’s metabolism to go into high gear and start burning calories more quikcly.

So as you can see, just by changing the WAY you eat, not WHAT you eat, you can alter HOW your body REACTS to the food you eat. You could eat the same foods all day long and gain weight. But if you rearrange the sequence in which you eat these foods throughout the day, these very same foods in the same quantity, you can trigger fat burning weight loss.

So how does this principle of calorie shifting actually work to increase your body’s metabolism. How does calorie shifting help you how to lose a pound a day? Essentially, by withholding and reintroducing certain nutrients from your body at certain intervals, you will be causing your body’s metabolism to burn more fat, more quickly, in order to compensate.

For example, over the course of the diet, you will be required, for at least one day in a two week period, to eat nothing but fruits for that entire day. But on another day, you might only be allowed to eat meats during a specific meal, and vegetables during another meal. And yet you will have days where you will be eating foods from all four food groups over the course of a 24 hour period. This rotational shifting of calorie types causes the metabolism to go into overdrive.

And in doing so, you can literally burn 3500 calories (one pound) per day, without doing any exercise and without starving yourself. All you are doing is shifting your calorie intake from one meal to the next.

Learn the secrets of how to lose a pound a day.

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