How To Lose A Pound A Day – The Wrong Way

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When it comes to losing weight quickly, you will be met with a lot of objections from medical professionals who claim that if you try to undertake the feat of rapid weight loss, you will be setting yourself up for failure. Either you will end up faltering and giving up on your diet and gaining all of your lost weight back. Or you might end up causing harm to your body and getting sick. They claim that it is much safer to lose weight slowly, at the rate of about one to two pounds per week, at the most. By doing so, they assert that you will be able to eat healthy and you will be less at risk of giving up on the diet and ending up undergoing a weight gaining rebound.

However, these medical practitioners are not telling you the whole story. The reality is there is indeed  a way how to lose a pound a day, safely, without jeopardizing your health, without starving yourself, without running the risk of falling into the temptation of deviating from the diet, and subsequently gaining any weight back.

There is a right way and there is a wrong way how to lose a pound a day. Losing one pound every single day is definitely feasible, achievable, practical, safe, and reliable. But it cannot be easily achieved through the conventional dieting methods of eating less and exercising more.

The wrong way how to lose a pound a day would be to starve yourself. You might think that by only eating five hundred calories a day, you are actually going to lose weight faster. But that is just a myth. Sure, in the first few days or weeks, you might shed a few pounds. But soon, your body’s metabolism will adjust to your extremely low caloric intake until that becomes the new “normal”. And your rate of weight loss will decrease sharply until you actually end up hitting a weight loss plateau, even at a mere five hundred calories per day! This is therefore the wrong way how to lose a pound a day.

Spending several hours a day engaged in exercise is also not a feasible way how to lose a pound a day either. You need energy and stamina in order to be able to sustain such extended periods of high-intensity physical activity. Not to mention the fact that this is not sustainable and practical over the course of the long term.

The right way how to lose a pound a day, on the other hand, is to follow a diet plan that consists of the following elements:

  • You get to eat a healthy balance of foods from each of the major food groups.
  • You never starve yourself. On the contrary, you eat as much as you want until you are satisfied at every meal.
  • You are granted some flexibility in terms of being able to cheat on the diet occasionally, as long as you do not do so in excess.

There is such a diet that embodies the above principles. The way how to lose a pound a day is to engage in a dietary practice known as calorie shifting. You eat as much as you want from all four good groups, and you can still lose weight at the alarmingly fast rate of one pound per day. The only difference is that you are shifting the types of calories you eat from one meal to the next, on a rotational basis.

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