How To Lose A Pound A Day While Eating Healthy

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The vast majority of dietitians, nutritionists and medical practitioners all generally tend to unanimously agree on one point when it comes to the issue of weight loss:

Slow and steady wins the race. Lose weight too hastily and you shall fail in disgrace.

In other words, they all advocate that the best way to lose weight is for you to shed pounds slowly and gradually, rather than abruptly. Weight loss at the rate of one to two pounds per week is ideal, according to their perspective. And from their point of view, losing weight any faster than that can result in a number of problems. Such problems, they assert that might occur, include damaging your internal organs due to malnourishment, an increased desire to give in to the temptation to deviate from your diet, or experience a weight gaining rebound where you gain back all of the weight you had lost plus gain even more weight.

What these people advocate is true. However, it is only true under certain conditions. Conversely, there are situations where it is entirely possible how to lose a pound a day, while eating healthy so as to avoid malnourishment, while eating foods that are so satisfying that you would never feel compelled to deviate from the diet, and which afford you enough of a measure of flexibility so as to allow some leeway to be able to cheat on your diet, within certain limits.

Now, conventional wisdom might dictate that the only way how to lose a pound a day would be to spend countless hours at the gym and to starve yourself silly. But there is a much simpler way how to lose a pound a day:

It’s a revolutionary new approach to fat burning which is commonly referred to as calorie shifting. Calorie shifting refers to the act of shifting the types of calories that you consume from one meal to the next according to a certain pattern that is actually conducive to weight loss.

Your body’s metabolism is what is responsible for regulating the rate at which food is consumed by the body, the rate at which food is stored on your body as fat, and the rate at which your body’s fat stores are tapped as a source of energy and hence body fat is burned.

When your body’s metabolism slows down, food is processed more slowly by the body and hence more food is stored on the body as fat. When your body’s metabolism speeds up, food is processed more efficiently by the body, and less food is stored on the body as fat, and in fact, your body taps into its fat stores for energy consumption.

So if you want to know the secret of how to lose a pound a day, it is that you need to accelerate your body’s metabolism rate to the point where it is able to burn one pound of fat in a 24-hour period.

One way to increase your body’s metabolism is to engage in cardiovascular exercise. Another way is to build muscle through strength training, as muscle tissue burns more calories than does fat tissue.

And finally, the third way to increase your body’s metabolism is to make a slight alteration to your diet, known as calorie shifting, which refers to the science of eating your food according to certain patterns that can actually trigger and stimulate your body’s metabolism to work faster.

Learn more about this secret of how to lose a pound a day and you can be 30 pounds lighter, 30 days from today!

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