Cheating Never Felt So Good

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The first commandment of practically every diet program out there available today is “Thou shalt not cheat on your diet”.

And it only makes sense, right? If a specific diet requires you to eat only a few grams of carbohydrates per day in order to lose weight, then cheating on your diet by eating a slice of pizza would be considered one of the cardinal sins of dieting.

Why do people cheat on their diets? The answer is simple: We are human beings. We love food. Period.

We were born with two nostrils and a tongue. We can smell and taste foods. If it weren’t for our instinctive desire to be attracted to delicious foods, we would all stop eating, wither away, and die. So it is on our human nature to want to eat sweet, to eat meat, and to eat sugar. What do you expect?

So when you are asked to follow a diet that severely restricts your intake of these foods, what you are telling your body (and your mind) is that food is bad, and that food is the enemy.

But the reality, dear reader, is that food is not the enemy. You’re just not going about eating in the right way.

You can eat as much as you want, as often as you want, from all four food groups, and still lose weight. You could starve yourself silly and not lose a pound.

Why is this the case? Because of something called your metabolism. Your body’s metabolism is what regulates how efficiently your body processes food and burns it into energy, as opposed to storing it as fat.

So the way how to lose a pound a day is not by reducing your caloric intake, but by accelerating your body’s metabolism.

In fact, the right way how to lose a pound a day should allow you enough flexibility that you can continue living your daily life, eating normal foods in moderation. Losing weight and keeping it off should never be about forbidding yourself from eating certain foods. Otherwise that takes all the fun out of life.

The right way to lose weight, and in fact the best way how to lose a pound a day involves allowing you to cheat on your diet every once in a while at structured, controlled intervals.

Ready to learn the secrets of how to lose a pound a day?

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